Founded in 1979, ABR was born with the aim of becoming one of the leading suppliers of automotive engine sealing systems. Quality and innovation have always been the fuel for the growth of the company since the early years. ABR has adopted strict quality control and high investments in technology, winning ISO 9001 and IATF 16,949 quality certificates. The integrated engineering process with customers ensured that ABR became one of the first companies to offer products in asbestos-free materials and cylinder head gaskets with High Torque Retention Material. The investment in innovation lifted ABR to reach the position of one of the most reputable suppliers in the OEM market, winning important quality awards.
The whole experience with OEM supply has boosted the expansion of the business to the aftermarket. ABR’s commitment is to ensure the same standard of development and quality for all customers.
Currently, there are more than 200 specialized and trained employees working in a total area of 9000m2. Professionals dedicated to maintaining ABR as one of the main suppliers for OEM and Tier1 of the Brazilian and International market, besides ensuring the full attendance of the mix of gaskets and oil seals for the automotive spare parts market.

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